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The Unique Features

We have some expertise in game development and design of 2D & 3D games. We offer end-to-end solutions including swift prototyping, clean execution of interactivity along with updates and support after launch.

Game design

Game Design

Game-ontwikkelen has a skillset and technical team with significant experience in design unique games. We design addictive and captive games according to the client’s requirements. We make sure that the user interface is optimized.



We have gathered a team of diversified and skilled individuals to create genuine art designs. Our artists use the latest tools and technologies and work efficiently to create high-quality designs and animations as per client needs.



We put extra effort to make games user-friendly and easy gameplay. With our interactive design process, we create an engaging and human-centric design that is scalable and a joy to use.

Multiplate form

Multi Platforms Games

Developing multi-platform games is our specialty. We use powerful tools to develop games that run smoothly on various platforms. If you have an idea of a game that you think can be a trendsetter, tell us your idea and we will turn that into reality.

About Us

With vast experience in game development, we have been creating versatile games. We have worked with clients from all over the world. Experience with various platforms and industries empowers us to create fresh designs that help the products stand out. Our young and enthusiastic management is keenly focused on hiring the best talent. Our team of professionals has a vast experience of working in the industry for the top tier game development studios.
Our meaning of success changed quite a while back. Having any kind of effect in a couple of lives is a commendable goal, but helping people in accomplishing what they want to accomplish is really what we need to be associated with.
We have made our reputation with hard work, ambitious team, and honesty. We are keen to provide the most effective, innovative, and practical solutions in developing each project into a success story. We are providing scalable services addressing all sorts of businesses.

Gaming Solutions

In this age of technology, games are loaded with action and there are many different categories or genres of games. Our team creates and designs various sorts of games to appeal to your taste.

Action Games

This is the most popular genre of the games. Action games are those games where a player is in control of and at the center of the action. Action-adventure games also lie in the same category. Shooting, Fighting, and Survival games are some of the types of action games.

Casual Games

Casual games generally target wide, mass market audience opposite to the hardcore action games. Not everyone is committed to playing games on their phones for hours. That is the reason casual games exist. Some casual games are widely regarded.

Strategy Games

Strategy games or Strategic games are those types of games in which player’s decision-making abilities and strategic powers determine the outcome of the game. Every strategy game requires situational awareness. There is a lot of variety in strategy games as well.

Simulation Games

These are the games that try to simulate the real-world activities like driving, flying or living as someone else with as much realism as possible. Simulators are used for educational and training purposes.

Sports Games

These games are based on real-life sports like Football, Basketball and many more. Popular sports games are usually involved in sporting events. These games have become very popular over the years.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are brain games. People who love to solve difficult puzzles love these types of games. There are many levels from beginners to expert and these games usually involve various shapes, colors and simple actions.

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Our Services

Game-ontwikkelen has been founded on the idea of offering a one-stop-shop for game development. If you require from scratch game development services to design & prototyping, we can help you with that.

Unity 3D
Unity 3D

Game-ontwikkelen has developed several games and applications in Unity over the years. The cross-platform nature of Unity makes it easy for our developers to create games for Android and iOS. Our team includes game developers and architecture with diverse skills in Unity.

QA & Testing
QA & Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing play a vital role in the success of every project. We ensure user satisfaction by involving our team members from the beginning. We perform manual and automated tests to ensure that your game runs smoothly on all sorts of devices.


App Store Optimization is a process of optimizing apps and games to rank higher in searches. Our team of marketing use certain keywords in the description that help the game to rank higher and appear in more searches. This process boosts the game and makes it popular.

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